The science of great principles – Bret Victor

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Keynotes from Bret Victor @worrydream talks on Inventing on Principle. “Finding your principle is the path to self-discovery.” The way of living life is to follow your guiding principle. Choose the path of problem solver to uncover your guiding principle.


1// Bret Victor @worrydream Principle “Creators need immediate connections to see what they are making.” To discover one must see what they are doing. Creators bring ideas into the world in the form of stories, invention, art Which gives meaning to life.” Building an idea is a responsibility, not an opportunity.” -Trying out an idea as you think about it leads to the creative process. – Creators need to find an environment that helps to nurture and shape the growth of an idea.


2// Larry Tesler @nomodes Principle “No person should be trapped in modes”. This principle enabled @nomodes to invent modeless text. It recognises the wrong of modes and visions to the working of the computer without modes.


3// Douglas Engelbart Principle “To use complex powerful tools to harness collective intelligence.” This principle recognises the worlds urgent problem i.e, Real-time interaction.


4// Alan Kay¬† @AlanKay2 Principle ” To amplify the human reach and bring new ways of thinking.” This principle enabled @AlanKay2 to solve the problem of human reach by inventing the desktop interface.


5// Richard stallman¬† @BigDickStallman Principle ” Software must be free as in freedom.” It recognizes to solve the problem of software restrictions by enabling the user to have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, change and improve the software.


6// Choosing a problem that exists in one’s head, which no one else can recognize that enables one to think of an idea to solve the problem is the ones guiding principle. An idea to which people dedicate their life with a clear sense of right/wrong.


7// Your Principle ” Your principle should enable you to a new way of seeing the world.” We must figure out what our lives are supposed to be, try to invent, study and experience varied aspects of life which helps to analyze and reflect one’s identity.


Every aspect of our life is a choice, either we choose to accept the world as it is or to something which we feel is wrong and build a vision to a better role to be. “Find your guiding principle and fight for a cause.” @worrydream

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